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Every day, more people make the choice of an @twitter.com.au address for their new email. An @twitter.com.au address is the perfect choice for personal email or as a professional business point of contact. Recieve your account messages, password verifications and important notices, plus much more. You can select a standard inbox or our convenient forwarding that's handy as another contact point. We offer you the flexibility and freedom to create your own email name to suit your needs.

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Tyas Wittermann is the only authorised provider of @twitter.com.au email. If it's not registered with us it's not secure and neither are your messages. Activate an email address today and select your name* with @twitter.com.au, the choice that friends and customers will remember.

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We will also be expanding our service to onto other Tyas Wittermann Domains for our customers offering @twittermail.com.au and twittermail.net.au

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